Trash and Recycle Pick-Up

Collection Days/Times:

Mondays and Thursdays are normal collection days in Bentwater. Accepted items for curbside collection include household garbage, grass clippings, leaves, branches and tree trimmings. Bundle and tie tree branches. A residence is limited to a maximum combination of 10 bags/cans/bundles on each collection day. Please be sure your garbage is set out by 7:00AM on designated days.

The following holidays are recognized by Waste Management in Bentwater: Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If one of these holidays falls on a scheduled day, there will be no collections on that holiday. The next collection will be on the next regularly scheduled day.

Bulk or Extra Trash Collection:

For information on bulk or extra trash pick-up, contact Waste Management at or call 712-512-6200. Extra charges may apply.

Recycling Collection:

Curbside recycling services are provided each Thursday. Waste Management uses single stream recycling which allows customers to mix recyclable items in one container. Accepted items for recycling include newspaper/paper, magazines, junk mail, 12 X 12 cardboard, tin/steel/aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, and plastic (codes 1,2,3,4,5,7). All recycle items must fit inside the recycle bin. This pickup will be done by a different vehicle and crew from the pickup for normal collection. To utilize this service, residents must use a 96-gallon container provided by Waste Management. Since automated trucks are used to lift and empty the recycle material into the truck, the bin must be placed at the curb with the lid opening side facing the curb, wheels facing away from the street. The recycle bin must have sufficient clearance from the trash bin to be accessed by the automated truck. If you do not have the required container and wish to participate, call 800-800-5804 to order a container.


If your trash or recycle bin is not serviced on scheduled day:

If you notice your trash or recycle service has been skipped, you are encouraged to report this to Waste Management by calling their Customer Service Center @ 713-686-6666 or 800-800-5804. Or you can send an email with your complaint to to receive a response within a business day. The Waste Management commitment is that, once the problem is reported, they will send a truck out to provide the service within 24 hours of receiving the report of a missed pick-up. Impacted residents should leave their containers out for the 24-hour period.