Due to the naturally hard water that is produced from the regional underground water supply, many Bentwater residents have installed water softeners. Based on testing by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the hardness level of our water is at 161 parts per million (ppm) or 9.3 grains per gallon. Hardness is a measure of calcium carbonate. Your water softener setting should be set for 9-10 grains of hardness. Adjusting your water softener to a higher setting, such as 25 or more may increase the sodium content in the water that could cloud glassware, depending on the type and quality of the glass. Dishwashers should be operated on economy, or air dry cycle; the hot drying cycle could increase the possibility of cloudiness. If necessary, check your softener operation with a professional. If you are considering the purchase of a water softener, you should consider that water in Montgomery County has high iron content. Our iron level is at 0.142 ppm.