MUD 18 Newsletter
January – March 2023

Sign up for Alert Notifications

When you go to the MUD 18 website home page, a pop-up will appear asking you to sign up for emergency alerts. You can sign up for email alerts, text alerts, or both. At a minimum, we urge all customers to sign up for text alerts. We want to make sure all our customers can be notified in case of emergency. This system will be used only in emergency situations where the community needs to be notified for health or safety reasons. Also, please bookmark our website ( as most questions about water, sewer, and trash pickup are answered there. If your water and sewer questions are not answered on our web site, contact our operator Hays Utility North at 936-588-1166. For trash and recycle information, contact Waste Management at 800-800-5804. Please remember the customer for Waste Management is M.U.D. 18, not Bentwater.


Over the years Bentwater residents have done a great job of recycling, thereby reducing the amount of solid waste sent to the landfill. Each year the amount we recycle keeps going up. Waste Management furnished each homeowner a 96-gallon cart, with a YELLOW lid, for recycle items. Please only use this container for recycling. Home owners must supply their own container for trash pickup. Remember, only items placed in the bin with the yellow lid will be picked up for recycling as there is only the driver and the pickup is automated. If recyclables are placed next to the bin they will not be picked up. Cardboard boxes should be collapsed to fit in the bin. Even better, cut them up into smaller pieces, which will enable you to get more in the bin.

Always recycle: plastic bottles and containers, food and beverage cans, paper, cardboard and paper board, glass bottles and containers. Place only clean and dry recyclables in your recycling cart.

Do not recycle: food or liquids; Styrofoam cups or containers; loose plastic bags such as those from the grocery store or dry cleaners; film of any kind; bagged recyclables; batteries or electronics; green waste; clothing; furniture or carpeting; rope or wire; shredded paper. Since Waste Management is a single stream recycler (we do not have to separate items) it is important not to put anything in the recycler that will get caught in the spinning discs at the plant. If the discs get tangled with wire rope or plastic bags the system has to be shut down and cleaned out. Therefore, even wire hangers from the dry cleaners cannot be recycled.

Regular Trash Collection: Monday and Thursday

Please be sure your trash is at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on collection day.
Household garbage, grass clippings, leaves, branches and tree trimmings are collected at the curb. You are limited to 10 bags, bundles or containers per collection. Containers over 45 gallons must have all trash bagged.

Bulky Trash Collection: Thursday

Limit: Two bulk items
Acceptable items include moving boxes (please break them down and bundle them), old furniture, appliances, grass clippings, leaves, branches and tree trimmings.
Important: For the safety and protection of Waste Management employees and equipment, branches and tree trimmings need to be no greater than 3 inches in diameter and to be cut, tied and bundled into 4-foot lengths weighing no more than 40-50 pounds.

Please note! Waste Management can no longer dispose of CFC refrigerant containing items (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) without certification that the Freon has been properly removed and recycled, pursuant to current Federal law.

Unacceptable Items:
Gasoline & oil (cans/filters); vehicle tires; large pieces of metal; landscape materials; rocks; electronic waste (such as televisions/computers, monitors); construction debris (paint & carpet, etc.); glass (i.e. windows, bathroom mirrors resulting from construction projects); propane tanks.

MUD Meetings Open to the Public

Our regularly scheduled monthly meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the Country Club Cypress Room. Meetings are open to the public. The agenda is posted on our web site and the message board in the breezeway entrance to the Country Club Grill near the Golf Pro-shop. Minutes from meetings are published on the MUD 18 web site.

Your MUD Board:
Susan McFarland, President
Lou Tichacek, Vice President
Gary Montgomery, Treasurer
Rex Cambern, Secretary
John Crystal, Assistant Secretary